What is AutoLadder?

AutoLadder is a service that tracks Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive matchmaking clan matches and automatically generates regional ranking ladders based on the results.

How do I join?

First, login to AutoLadder through Steam. Then enter your match history sharing keys as instructed. AutoLadder will start tracking your CS:GO match history.

What counts as a "clan match"?

A competitive matchmaking match that is being played on a map that belongs to the competitive map pool, and where all five players of a team have the same clan tag at the beginning of the first round. If this rule is met, the match will be considered as a clan match.

What is the competitive map pool?

Dust2, Mirage, Inferno, Nuke, Overpass, Train, Vertigo and Cache. Sorry Office Globals!

What if the opponent team is a bunch of random players?

The match will be considered as a clan match against randoms and the outcome will adjust your ELO rating.

What if I change my clan tag during the match?

As long as every player of the team had the same clan tag at beginning of the first round, this will not have any effect. This is to prevent the losing team from switching their clan tags off to evade a clan match loss.

I don't have a clan / we don't play matchmaking as a 5 man team - should I join?

Short answer: probably not. Longer answer: while AutoLadder can be used as personal match tracking and analysis service, there are other websites that specialize in that purpose.

Does this work with Faceit, ESEA etc. matches?

No. Official competitive matchmaking only.

How to get clan verified?

Add a link to your clan's AutoLadder page to your Steam group's page. Example

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