What is AutoLadder?

AutoLadder is a service that tracks Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive matchmaking clan matches and automatically generates regional ranking ladders based on the results.

How do I join?

First, login to AutoLadder through Steam. Then enter your match history sharing keys as instructed. AutoLadder will start tracking your CS:GO match history.

Is it safe?

Yes, signing in to AutoLadder is safe. AutoLadder uses the standard Steam OpenID login which authenticates your SteamID (i.e. tells AutoLadder that you are you). More about Steam OpenID. As an extra precaution, we also recommend signing in to Steam Community before entering any site that asks you to login with Steam. This way you will be already logged in when you press the 'Sign in through Steam' button and do not have to enter your password and Steam Guard token. You can also use the Steam Overlay Web Browser to login.

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